Environmental awarenessEnvironmental awareness

BROS actively seek for diverse channels of environmental-protection to implant eco-friendly philosophy into every detail of enterprise development.

We put massive funds into the construction of eco-friendly factory. The sewer system was strictly constructed adhere to the principles that “separating rain water and sewage, separating clean water and sewage, separating treating, reusing water”.

A dyeing factory, which is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, was equipped with advanced sewage water treatment systems can guarantee the disposal standard of waste water as well as the effective overall utilization of industrial waste water.

Moreover, our sewage water treatment systems has obtained certification from environmental management system (ISO14001:2004).

We spent ten years and invested about RMB 100 million in research of EcoFRESH Yarn ® which ensure the greige can be dyed without salt and alkali and substantially reduce the usage of of electricity and gas, which brings a real green product for textile industry.